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Brenham Home Brewer Supply

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Wine Supplies

We carry a full line of Winexpert's wine kit selections.  We also carry others.

From box to bottled wine in 4-8 weeks depending on variety. We have 1 gallon to 6 gallon kits.

You can craft winery-quality wine for a fraction of what you would spend on similar store-bought wine.

 Experience craft winemaking for yourself and see why nearly 20 million bottles of WinexpertTM wine is crafted each year.

We carry 750ml Bordeaux green flat bottom bottles.

Normally used for champagne's, sparkling wines and reds.


We carry 750ml Bordeaux clear flat bottom bottles.

Normally used for white or rose wines.


We carry a selection of different corks and a variety of bottle corkers.

Come peruse our show room!




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