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Welcome to
​Brenham Home Brewer Supply

We offer a full selection of beer making and wine making equipment and so much more... 

We are Jack and MeMe Owen and we've opened Brenham Homebrewer Supply. 

We're happy to be bringing home beer brewing and home wine making equipment, ingredients, and kits to Washington and the surrounding counties.  We're excited to offer an alternative to the long drive to Houston or Austin, or ordering on-line from some far-away web site and waiting (impatiently) for your delivery. 

Instead of waiting on the UPS man, drop by and chat with us!


Located at 2313 South market St. in historic Brenham, Texas.

Our spacious shop is here to serve the community.  Our friends, old and new, are always welcome.


Our shop is well stocked. 
We carry an extensive collection of beer and wine making supplies.
We sell brewing equipment.  We carry a wide variety of ingredients, beer and wine kits, cider kits.
We carry a wide and varied selection of yeast and hops, base and specialty malts, and much, much more. 

Cheese making kits coming soon!
We have a wide selection of hops and yeasts from various vendors in our refrigerated showcases. 
  Custom grinding, mixing and personalized kits and recipes upon request.

We have an IN-store grinding department, at your service, located in our well stocked grain room.
  We stock an extensive collection of grains, malts and associated supplies. 

Let us know what you need and we will get it for you.  Bring us your recipes!
  Come by and sit a spell, take a load off, and tell us about your projects, so we can help you attain your goals! 

We enjoy sharing the hobby and sharing information.


If you’re looking for home brewing supplies in Brenham TX, you’ve come to the right place!

With little time, and only a sliver of effort, anybody can make their own beer in the house. When somebody effectively produces fantastic tasting home brewed beer, it is just natural that they will desire to do it all the time. It is possible for you to have the entire brew stock that you like and need at your benefit – whenever you desire and without making dreadful journeys to the shop and waiting in long lines.
Many places online can point you in the best direction to find all the needed active ingredients you need to brew your own beer from home. Extracts are offered in many types, such as pre-hopped and un-hopped malt extracts. There are in presence thirty various ranges of grains that you can crush up and high for your beer, according to how you desire it to fit your taste choice.
Aside from having a friendly home developing beer guide and kit, all you require at your home is the required ingredients and the counter space.

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Brewing Equipment Brenham Texas

Home Brewed Beer has been around for a very long time, in different cultures from all over the world. Beer is essentially simply fermented grains, just as wine is fermented fruit. Beer normally falls under two categories: ales and lagers. Today, beer is still made with all manner of herbs and spices like ginger, clove, cinnamon, and so on. Beer making might be more fun that exactly what you believe. It is fun to attempt to make your very own, and it is not difficult at all. Much of the excitement of making your very own beer is the expectancy of exactly what it will taste like when it is all set! Beer is made from fermenting cereals and jumps so because regard, beer is a living organism, which needs time to grow. Beer brewing is easy: just discover a space you can manage the temperature of and select the ideal yeast. The natural procedure of fermentation does the rest. All you require is a little patience!  Making Your very own wine is the next action for anyone that has currently attempted their hand at brewing their own beer. Wine using to be done by stepping on grapes and enabling the grape juice to ferment, now you can buy your very own wine making kit online and have wine in simply a few weeks from such ranges as zinfandel, cabernet, chardonnay, Riesling and merlot. All you need is the appropriate quantities of grapes and other fruits, herbs, and spices, and you can make all kinds of wines. Plus, when you make your own wine, you aren’t restricted to grape-based wines. You can use any fruit that is in season. You can try raspberry wine, pear wine, cherry wine, or even banana wine!  Home brewing is a fun and gratifying hobby. House developing is both very easy, but remarkably intricate. Making your very own beer or wine is the procedure where you select the components, ferment them, bottle your end-product, and, finest of all, drink the finished equipment. House brewing is a low-cost method of producing beer or wine that can taste just as excellent as the beer or wine that huge corporations make. And you get the bragging rights of putting your own name on the label!
Wine making used to be done by stepping on grapes and permitting the grape juice to ferment, but now you can buy your own wine making kit online and have wine in simply a few weeks from such varieties as zinfandel, cabernet, chardonnay, Riesling and merlot. You can try raspberry wine, pear wine, cherry wine, or even banana wine!  Home developing is a fun and gratifying pastime. Home brewing is an economical way of producing beer or wine that can taste simply as great as the beer or wine that huge corporations make.

Home Brew Kits

The craft of developing beer has been around for thousands of years. Some even think that beer could be the driving force behind the farming revolution around 8,000 BC. Whether you purchase into the notion that beer saved the world or not, there’s simply no rejecting the recent spike in the appeal of home developing. It appears just recently that home brewing supply shops are appearing around every corner and their clientele is on the rise. Having recently been bitten by this bug, I will check out the factor behind the trend while describing simply exactly what you’ll have to participate in the fun.
A case of beer from the local grocery shop expenses under $20 and takes less than ten minutes to acquire. Why then would somebody want to buy a lot of devices and spend 6 to 8 hours of their time over 4 to 6 weeks to obtain 5 gallons of beer? That’s only about 2 cases so it certainly has nothing to do with saving cash or time or wanting a whole lot of beer to drink. What it truly comes down to (that’s a brewer’s pun) is males want to “make” things. Forgive me if I sound sexist, but an overwhelming bulk of home brewers do happen to be guys. I believe of that scene from “Castaway” where Tom Hanks thumps has chest over the fire and states, “Look exactly what I have actually created!” Even on an island alone, he feels the need to brag about his achievement and it’s the exact same with developing beer. After all the time and effort, there’s simply something about breaking open that bottle and stating “I made this”. In addition to boasting rights, it’s the process that makes it a satisfying pastime. You gathering a couple times a month to drink some of the beer you made while making more beer, and on the process goes.

Beer Making Supplies

Home developing is ending up being one of the fastest growing pastimes in the U.S.A. Brewing your own custom beer or wine offers an instant reward either in a refined and extremely unique taste or a mouth tightening ablution that ends up being a regrettable stepping stone to discovery.
Some house makers simply like to keep it a carefully held secret as house brew assists the avid beer or wine aficionado well socked at really low rates. Others want to end up being regional legends as their brew becomes in demand by regional consuming and drinking facilities. Yes, having your very own brand is not out of the question! However, most home brewers only display their labels when gifting their uncommon presents.
The very best method to obtain started in developing is to read about it. Certainly, almost any subject ends up being intriguing with understanding. You ll learn that the process needs little financial investment and a lot of beginners begin out with home brewing kits that consist of everything needed to begin your own production. From there in Brenham TX 77833, it ends up being a matter of practice and attempting new tastes and strategies.



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